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Today I began envisioning what I’d like in my creative work for next year as part of Jeff Davis’s Quest2015 program through which over 12 days in December a group of us will connect with 12 visionaries to imagine the next 12 months. Today author and virtual friend Jen Louden suggested the following: “Grit without […]

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All About the Ride

“If it’s cancer we’re going to Hawaii,” I whispered to my husband in the waiting room. It was cancer. That was almost 2 years ago. Thankfully, it’s now completely gone. That’s a huge relief of course. Ever since, I have been dreaming of Hawaii, or if not those particular distant shores at the very least a steady […]

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When did it happen? When did I trip into the life phase when friends have mostly bad news? Dying parents and cancer seem to be as popular among my Facebook pack as are Rumi quotes and opportunities to support Wendy (and Hillary). Over the past year my own mother died unexpectedly and my husband got […]

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