James F. Tenney Lawyer Offers Business And Tax Planning Services

Billy F. Tenney attorney primarily based in Atlanta and he’s been working in their legal field for far more than three decades. Through most of the years, James F. Tenney lawyer has gained deep experience in dealing together with financial and tax matching cases. He has well-advised clients regarding their tax bill consequences of their purchase and business transactions. Additionally offers tax planning professional suggestions to businesses and providers that deal internationally. Throughout his expertise he in addition has companies in formulating policies, structuring mergers and by using international business transactions. Additionally advises businesses and person’s in tax planning, residence planning, and asset insurance coverage and tax controversies.

James Frederick Tenney was served his education from Faculty of Michigan and Classes of Tennessee from even he received his basic degree B.S. in Finance, and his law standard J.D. He received his own Master of Laws operating in Taxation L.L.M. from Emory University. His experience inside of area of taxation makes James F. Tenney Legal the preferred choice numerous corporations that are interested in expert advice regarding most of the taxation matters. An established lawyer, James Frederick Tenney is also a person in several bas associations which includes American Bar Association, Intercontinental Bar Association, the Phase Bar of Georgia, tn department of investigation Bar Association, ABA Zone on Taxation and lots of others.

James Tenney is and a prolific source and speaker phone. He has written for trade information about free stuff and legislations related challenges. Affordable Torrance CPA have been far and wide read in addition to the appreciated by the businessmen and so law individuals in the course who already been able to obtain better clues about various associated with the statutes through their expertise. Billy Frederick Tenney attorney in addition has conducted talks and training seminars where he’s spoken on the subject of various issues related returning to tax together with other business allowable matters. Presently, James C. Tenney lawyer resides in Gwinnett and shows legal help and advice to consumer located back in Atlanta and furthermore nearby facets.

His point of view in our legal athletic field is strongly respected through process of his prospects and associates.